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Die 200 meistgespielten Songs im Jahr 2020
1 Under The Gun H.E.A.T H.E.A.T. II
2 Fireline Shakra Mad World
3 Rock Your Body H.E.A.T H.E.A.T. II
4 Bad News Gotthard #13
5 Children Of The Next Level Testament Titans Of Creation
6 Burning Star D-A-D A Prayer For The Loud
7 Colors - 2020 Body Count Carnivore
8 Idiots Crashdïet Rust
9 Dangerous Ground H.E.A.T H.E.A.T. II
10 Verrückt Eisbrecher Die Hölle Muss Warten
11 Metal Division Mystic Prophecy Metal Division
12 Can't Stop Rock & Roll The New Roses Nothing But Wild
13 We Are Gods H.E.A.T H.E.A.T. II
14 King Of The Bar Finnegans Hell Work Is The Curse Of The Drinking Class
15 Growin' Up In California Night Ranger Somewhere in California
16 Dirty Blues Dirty Shirley Dirty Shirley
17 Lovers Roulette Wolfpakk Nature Strikes Back
18 Captain Devil DevilsBridge Endless Restless (EP)
19 Shut Up & Kiss Me Whitesnake Flesh & Blood
20 When The Heartache Has Gone Revolution Saints Rise
21 Big Disaster Black Swan Shake The World
22 Are You Ready Herman Frank Fight The Fear
23 Last Call Ratt Infestation
24 Rock 'n' Roll Band The Scorpions Return To Forever
25 Soundtrack Of My Life The New Roses Nothing But Wild
26 Ignite The Sky Bloody Heels Ignite The Sky
27 The Sisters Of Fate Burning Witches Dance With The Devil
28 Viva La Victoria Eclipse Paradigm
29 Exzess Express Eisbrecher Die Hölle Muss Warten
30 Mad World Shakra Mad World
31 Straight To Hell Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man
32 Louder Harder Faster Warrant Louder Harder Faster
33 Here Comes The King Dirty Shirley Dirty Shirley
34 Hey You Mark Slaughter Halfway There
35 Right Away Grand Design V
36 Wut Are U Waiting For Grand Design V
37 The Sky Is The Limit Stargazer The Sky Is The Limit
38 Denied By The Cross Ross The Boss Born Of Fire
39 Into The Wild Crashdïet Rust
40 Save The Date Gotthard #13
41 Back On My Feet Rockett Love Greetings From Rocketland
42 Overloaded Hysteria Back To The Oldschool
43 Psycho Ride Love And War Edge Of The World
44 Eye To Eye Mystic Prophecy Metal Division
45 48 Hours Nasty Idols Boys Town
46 Meant For Trouble Pretty Wild Interstate 13
47 Mexico Alestorm No Grave But The Sea
48 Like An Endless Distant Sky Rockett Love Greetings From Rocketland
49 Hollywood Girl Devil's Train II
50 Whiplash John Diva & The Rockets Of Love Mama Said Rock Is Dead
51 Party Poison My Chemical Romance Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys
52 Blood On Our Hands Reece Cacophony Of Souls
53 Criminal Masterminds Bloody Heels Ignite The Sky
54 Wicked Crazy Lixx Forever Wild
55 A Night Out With Your Tail Out Pain City Rock And Roll Hearts
56 Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World Steel Panther All You Can Eat
57 111 Freedom Call M.E.T.A.L.
58 When He Comes Around Shakra Mad World
59 All Night Long Trixter Human Era
60 Good To See You Again Whitesnake Flesh & Blood
61 Nature Strikes Back Wolfpakk Nature Strikes Back
62 New Me Double Experience Alignments
63 Party Downtown Worry Blast 0.44
64 Shadowman One Desire Midnight Empire
65 Ride Wired Desire Barely Illegal EP
66 Roll The Dice Devil's Train Devil's Train
67 Split Your Lip Hardcore Superstar Split Your Lip
68 Heartache The New Roses Nothing But Wild
69 Noise Nightwish Human . :II: Nature .
70 Deutschland Rammstein Rammstein
71 Goddammit Ricky Diamond Already Dead
72 Gotta Go, Gotta Roll Rockets To Ruin Live € Drugs € Rebellion
73 Deal With The Devil Winger Karma
74 Never Die Allen / Olzon Worlds Apart
75 Asphalt Wings Deathstars The Perfect Cult
76 Shotgun Evolution Ross The Boss Born Of Fire
77 Silver Greed Rough Grind Pieces Of Resistance
78 Soul To Soul Pain City Rock And Roll Hearts
79 I Am Alive Primal Fear Metal Commando
80 Waidmanns Heil Rammstein Liebe Ist Für Alle Da
81 Dirty Girls Kix Rock Your Face Off
82 Dreams Are Not The Same The Order Supreme Hypocrisy
83 The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You Bryan Adams The Best Of Me
84 Kryptonite Past Five Detox.
85 Get The Fuck Out Skid Row Slave To The Grind
86 Rockin' To The Edge Of The Night Trixter Human Era
87 Unisonic Unisonic Unisonic
88 Shadows Of The Night Vandenberg 2020
89 Bitch The Dead Daisies Locked And Loaded - The Covers Album
90 Burning The Road Hammercult Steelcrusher
91 Riot In My Head Harem Scarem Change The World
92 Eat Me Up Alive Ratt Infestation
93 That's Gonna Leave A Scar SIXX:A.M. Prayers For The Blessed
94 R.I.P. Starmen Welcome To My World
95 Eyes Kickin Valentina Imaginary Creatures
96 Blackout In The Red Room Love/Hate Blackout In The Red Room
97 No Tomorrow Mike Tramp Second Time Around
98 Virus Of A Modern Time Axxis Virus Of A Modern Time
99 Top Of The World Five Finger Death Punch And Justice For None
100 Dogs On The Leash The O'Reillys And The Paddyhats Dogs On The Leash
101 Heroes One Desire Midnight Empire
102 Party Tonight Shameless Famous 4 Madness
103 Dream Deceiver Testament Titans Of Creation
104 Explode Deathstars The Perfect Cult
105 Fake Five Finger Death Punch And Justice For None
106 Monster Gloomball The Quiet Monster
107 Rock'n'Roll Star A Life [Divided] Echoes
108 The Show The Order Supreme Hypocrisy
109 Sea Of Lies SiXforNinE Parallel Universe
110 Take Out The Enemies Ammunition Shanghaied
111 I'm Alive Anvil Legal At Last
112 Brides Of Fire Fozzy Do You Wanna Start A War
113 Still Doing Time Gorilla Riot Peach
114 Bloodbath Mastermind Accept Blind Rage
115 Twisted Ways Brainstorm Scary Creatures
116 Into The Storm Gamma Ray Land Of The Free - II
117 Inferno H.E.A.T Tearing Down The Walls
118 Walk Away Khymera Master Of Illusions
119 Go To Hell Mustasch Killing It For Life
120 Judgement Day Reece Cacophony Of Souls
121 Book Of Shallows Avantasia Moonglow
122 Easy Rider Kickin Valentina Chaos In Copenhagen (EP)
123 Amen & Attack Powerwolf Preachers Of The Night
124 I Want Out Rockett Love Greetings From Rocketland
125 Too Much Is Not Enough Shakra Mad World
126 Rock My Ride Wigwam Wig Wamania
127 Crystallizer Crystal Ball Crystallizer
128 Fire Free DevilsBridge Endless Restless (EP)
129 The First Man Lionheart The Reality Of Miracles
130 Raise Some Hell Tygers Of Pan Tang Ritual
131 Teutonic Terror Accept Blood Of The Nations
132 The Archway Of Tears Magnum The Serpent Rings
133 Heads Down Pain City Rock And Roll Hearts
134 Dead Memories Slipknot All Hope Is Gone
135 Fall To Ascend Sons Of Apollo MMXX
136 Hang On Lucy Wildside Under The Influence
137 I'm In A Band Danko Jones A Rock Supreme
138 Guestlist Hardcore Superstar Split Your Lip
139 Curse Of The Slayer Mystic Prophecy Metal Division
140 Knock Knock Never Stop Night Ranger High Road
141 Bad Blood NitroDive Re-Evolution
142 Best Of Me Ratt Single
143 Metal Voice Reece Cacophony Of Souls
144 The Eco-Terrorist In Me Rise Against The Black Market
145 To The End Of The World Alestorm No Grave But The Sea
146 The Devil Made Me Do It Bonfire Fistful Of Fire
147 I'm A Rock'n Roller Foghat Family Joules (re-release)
148 Whiskey Lover Maverick Big Red
149 Wild Touch Reckless Love Reckless Love
150 Sweet And Salty Ricky Diamond Already Dead
151 Krieger Des Lichts Schattenmann Licht An
152 Crazy Amanda Bunkface Sum 41 All Killer No Filler
153 I Did It All (Thank You & Goodnight) Humbucker King Of The World
154 Firepower Judas Priest Firepower
155 The Fight Song Marilyn Manson Wired-Up
156 Saturday Dad Peter And The Test Tube Babies Fuctifano
157 Princess Of The Night Saxon Classics Re-Recorded
158 Bad Seamstress Blues Cinderella Long Cold Winter
159 Queen Obscene / 69 Shots Crashdïet Rest In Sleaze
160 Down On You Devil's Train II
161 Tanz Mit Mir Eisbrecher Die Hölle Muss Warten
162 New Thing Enuff Z'Nuff Favorites
163 Love-Hate-Sex-Pain Godsmack The Oracle
164 Every Time I Die Gotthard #13
165 Nabataea Helloween Straight Out Of Hell
166 Heartwall Hysteria Back To The Oldschool
167 Comin Home To The Bone Jizzy Pearl All You Need Is Soul
168 Wild Life John Diva & The Rockets Of Love Mama Said Rock Is Dead
169 We All Fall Down Love And War Edge Of The World
170 Only Good Girls (Love A Rock 'n' Roll Boy) Sergeant Steel Riders Of The Worm
171 Northern Light Autumn's Child Autumn's Child
172 Babylon Axxis Virus Of A Modern Time
173 She's On To Us Black Swan Shake The World
174 Hellfire Blackrain Dying Breed
175 It's You Crazy Lixx Forever Wild
176 Welcome To The Empire Firewind Firewind
177 Empress Gamma Ray Land Of The Free - II
178 Angus McFife Gloryhammer Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife
179 Let The Guilt Go (Radio Edit) Korn Let The Guilt Go (Single)
180 21 Again Little Caesar Eight
181 Rise And Fall New Hate Rising Miles
182 H.I. Vampire P.M.T. Here Lies P.M.T.
183 Call Me Pain Coming Home
184 Spaceship Puddle Of Mudd Volume 4: Songs In The Key Of Love & Hate
185 Waking The Moon Ross The Boss Born Of Fire
186 City Of Angels Testament Titans Of Creation
187 Love Of My Life Arctic Rain The One
188 Run And Hide Blended Brew Shove It Down
189 Wrong Side Crematory Oblivion
190 Twilight Tavern Ensiferum From Afar
191 Watch You Bleed Five Finger Death Punch The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell, Vol. 1
192 Bullettime Reckless Love InVader
193 Feel So Numb Rob Zombie Past, Present & Future
194 Once More With Feeling Rückwater Supernova
195 Hell And High Water Vandenberg 2020
196 Soldierstown Black Star Riders The Killer Instinct
197 Siren Song Dirty Shirley Dirty Shirley
198 Persona Non Grata Eigensinn Persona Non Grata
199 Hellbent Gamma Ray Empire Of The Undead
200 Above The Law Hardcore Superstar C'Mon Take On Me

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