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Playlist der Sendung «Rock Lounge» vom 15.April 2020
Paradise Of The Architect Dynazty The Dark Delight
Presence Of Mind Dynazty The Dark Delight
Gloryland Bonfire Fistful Of Fire
Warrior Bonfire Fistful Of Fire
Denied By The Cross Ross The Boss Born Of Fire
Synchronism Miracle Flair Synchronism
What Remains Miracle Flair Synchronism
Presence Of Death Miracle Flair Synchronism
Mr. Right Overlaps In Your Room
How's The Heart Nightwish Human . :II: Nature .

Playlist der Sendung «Rock Lounge» vom 1. April 2020
Never Surrender Badd Kharma On Fire
Land Of The Free Badd Kharma On Fire
Never Die Allen / Olzon Worlds Apart
Worlds Apart Allen / Olzon Worlds Apart
Do Or Die Wishing Well Do Or Die
Made Of Metal Wishing Well Do Or Die
The Maker Deadrisen Deadrisen
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Phear The Curse Lives On

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