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Die 200 meistgespielten Songs im Jahr 2017
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1 Electrified Gotthard Silver
2 Blame On Me Gotthard Silver
3 Hey You Mark Slaughter Halfway There
4 Lollipop Stephen Pearcy Smash
5 Louder Harder Faster Warrant Louder Harder Faster
6 Absolute Zero Stone Sour House Of Gold & Bones, Part 1
7 Who Rides The Tiger Black Star Riders Heavy Fire
8 Fortunate Son The Dead Daisies Make Some Noise
9 Here We Go Again The Last Vegas Eat Me
10 Silver River Gotthard Silver
11 Only Broken Heart Warrant Louder Harder Faster
12 Lawbreaker Grave Digger Healed By Metal
13 Damn Hot XiI Gallon Overdose Damn Hot (EP)
14 Long Way To Go The Dead Daisies Make Some Noise
15 Memory Lane Bulletrain What You Fear The Most
16 On My Side Kickin Valentina Super Atomic
17 Generation Me The Treatment Generation Me
18 Unisonic Unisonic Unisonic
19 Bloodthirsty The Last Vegas Eat Me
20 Death Rattle Beasto Blanco Beasto Blanco
21 The Downfall Of Eden Eclipse Monumentum
22 Metal Is For Everyone Freedom Call Master Of Light
23 Dead Memories Slipknot All Hope Is Gone
24 Seal The Deal Volbeat Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie
25 Bullettime Reckless Love InVader
26 Hello Shakra High Noon
27 Less Torque, More Thrust Jettblack Raining Rock
28 Turn Me On Maxxwell XX (EP)
29 Breathing Silent Circus Rise And Fall
30 New Rebellion Warrant Louder Harder Faster
31 Rock My Ride Wigwam Wig Wamania
32 Whiskey Lover Maverick Big Red
33 Hey Hey You Bai Bang Rock Of Life
34 Hollywood Girl Devil's Train II
35 Into Your Heart Shakra High Noon
36 Hit Me With A Bullet Stephen Pearcy Smash
37 Vampires Of The Night Black Diamonds Once Upon A Time
38 Ride Wired Desire Barely Illegal EP
39 Breakin' Outta Hell Airbourne Breakin' Outta Hell
40 To The End Of The World Alestorm No Grave But The Sea
41 Call Me A Doctor Sideburn #Eight
42 Punk Rock Song Bad Religion Fetenhits: Rock Classics (Disc 1)
43 Four On The Floor Broken Teeth 4 On The Floor
44 Angus McFife Gloryhammer Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife
45 Asphalt Wings Deathstars The Perfect Cult
46 Must Be Nice Nickelback Feed The Machine
47 The Hard Stuff Wired Desire Barely Illegal EP
48 We Will Fight Battle Beast Bringer Of Pain
49 Slanderous Machine Head The Blackening
50 The Game Masterplan Novum Initium
51 Coin For The Ferryman Nickelback Feed The Machine
52 Eat Me Up Alive Ratt Infestation
53 Nasty Nasty Black 'N Blue Nasty Nasty
54 Jawbreaker Burning Witches Burning Witches
55 Inner Voice Silent Circus Rise And Fall
56 Sign Of The Times Jack Russell's Great White He Saw it Comin'
57 Bis Zum Letzten Ton Toxpack Schall & Rausch
58 Hard Livin' Man Bonafide Something's Dripping
59 Wrong Way Kickin Valentina Super Atomic
60 Tequila Suicide Sinner Tequila Suicide
61 Cryin' Like A Bitch!! Godsmack The Oracle
62 Kill Ritual Grave Digger Healed By Metal
63 Dead Roses Stephen Pearcy Smash
64 King For A Day Battle Beast Bringer Of Pain
65 Girls Go Wild De La Cruz Street Level
66 The Rise Of Chaos Accept The Rise Of Chaos
67 Fight With Me Bulletrain What You Fear The Most
68 Fall On Your Knees Rockett Love Grab The Rocket
69 It's Your Move Anvil Anvil Is Anvil
70 Hell Raising Women Crazy Lixx Crazy Lixx
71 Can't Take It Herman Frank The Devil Rides Out
72 All Summer Long Kid Rock Rock N Roll Jesus
73 Camouflage Sabaton The Last Stand
74 Stop Messing Around Bai Bang Rock Of Life
75 Raining Rock (feat. Udo Dirkschneider) Jettblack Raining Rock
76 Dead Mans Parade Lynam Half Way To Hell
77 Let's Get Cracking Reckless Love InVader
78 You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come) Vince Neil Exposed
79 Wild Child Crazy Lixx Ruff Justice
80 Destiny Reckless Love InVader
81 Straight To The Heart Battle Beast Bringer Of Pain
82 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Crazy Lixx Riot Avenue
83 Love Or Hate Crossplane Backyard Frenzy
84 For Better Or For Worse Eclipse Monumentum
85 Master Of Confusion Gamma Ray Empire Of The Undead
86 The Sky Is The Limit Evidence One The Sky Is The Limit
87 Love Bites (So Do I) Halestorm The Strange Case Of...
88 We Are The Weekend Reckless Love InVader
89 Gotta Go, Gotta Roll Rockets To Ruin Live € Drugs € Rebellion
90 Wicked Garden Stone Temple Pilots Core
91 Young Blood Crazy Lixx Riot Avenue
92 Black Rain Eclipse Monumentum
93 Healed By Metal Grave Digger Healed By Metal
94 Hollywood Junkyard Junkyard
95 Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song) Mr. Big Lean Into It
96 Get The Fuck Out Skid Row Slave To The Grind
97 Rockin' To The Edge Of The Night Trixter Human Era
98 Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed Black Star Riders Heavy Fire
99 Crazy Jack Russell's Great White He Saw it Comin'
100 The Prophet Thunder Wonder Days
101 Take Out The Enemies Ammunition Shanghaied
102 The End (Easier Than Love) AncarA Garden Of Chains
103 Hard To Handle The Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker
104 Down On You Devil's Train II
105 Get Ready Kickin Valentina Super Atomic
106 Out In The Fields Mono Inc. Together Till The End
107 Hurt One Desire One Desire
108 Bombtrack Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine
109 17 Girls In A Row Steel Panther Balls Out
110 Octavia Black Map In Droves
111 Champagne & Reefer Black Stone Cherry Black To Blues
112 21 'Till I Die Crazy Lixx New Religion
113 That Girl Of Mine Humbucker R.O.C.K.S.
114 Painkiller Judas Priest Painkiller
115 Let The Guilt Go (Radio Edit) Korn Let The Guilt Go (Single)
116 Hot Fudge The Last Vegas Eat Me
117 Renegade Maverick Big Red
118 Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love Van Halen The Best Of Van Halen, Vol. I
119 Hung, Drawn And Quartered Accept Stalingrad
120 Down On You Airbourne Breakin' Outta Hell
121 Do Me Like You Do Yourself Airbourne Breakin' Outta Hell
122 Heart And Soul Bai Bang Rock Of Life
123 Mother Lode Boneyard Dog Bluesbound Train
124 Under And Over It Five Finger Death Punch American Capitalist
125 Kingmaker Megadeth Super Collider
126 Kingmaker Pretty Maids Kingmaker
127 Best Of Me Ratt Single
128 Deal With The Devil Winger Karma
129 Thank You Asphalt Horsemen Brotherhood
130 We Cry Out Astral Doors Black Eyed Children
131 Back On The Throne Firewind Immortals
132 I Need Another Drink Hinder When The Smoke Clears
133 She Wants More Slaughter Stick It To Ya
134 Ac/Dc Vince Neil Tattoos & Tequila
135 Battle's Won Helloween My God-Given Right
136 Asylum Disturbed Asylum
137 Under The Moon Edguy Off Road Tracks Vol. 86
138 Exzess Express Eisbrecher Die Hölle Muss Warten
139 My Town Glenn Hughes Resonate
140 Can't Tie Me Down Million Dollar Reload A Sinner's Saint
141 Stand Still Rik Emmett & RESolution 9 Res9
142 Head Like A Hole Dee Snider We Are The Ones
143 Sadistic Girls Hardcore Superstar Split Your Lip
144 Halls Of Valhalla Judas Priest Redeemer Of Souls
145 Big Mouth Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons
146 Little Sinner Sammy Berell Passion Dreams
147 Purified SpiteFuel Second To None
148 Fantasy Stratovarius Nemesis
149 Call Of Destiny Xandria Theater Of Dimensions
150 The Ghost And The Shadow Black Diamonds Once Upon A Time
151 Twilight Tavern Ensiferum From Afar
152 Wheels On Fire Fire Rose Devil On High Heels
153 Ode To Leonidas Firewind Immortals
154 Where The Dead Ships Dwell In Flames Sounds Of A Playground Fading
155 Taking The Blame Inglorious II
156 Along For The Ride The Last Vegas Eat Me
157 The Fight Song Marilyn Manson Wired-Up
158 Deal With The Devil Pop Evil Onyx
159 Boss's Daughter Pop Evil Onyx
160 In Metal We Trust Primal Fear Angels Of Mercy - Live in Germany
161 Hey Little Sister Quiet Riot Road Rage
162 Deceived Red Dragon Cartel Red Dragon Cartel
163 Outlaw Riot Fire Down Under (Germany)
164 Let It All Bleed Out Rob Zombie Icon 2 [Disc 2]
165 Freakshow Soto Divak
166 Crazy Amanda Bunkface Sum 41 All Killer No Filler
167 The Chain Taking Dawn Time To Burn
168 I'd Tell You But... Anti-Flag For Blood And Empire
169 Dancing With The Wrong Girl Black Star Riders Heavy Fire
170 Providence Darkhaus Providence (EP)
171 Yankee Rose David Lee Roth Eat 'Em And Smile
172 Wash It All Away Five Finger Death Punch Got Your Six
173 I Got A Feeling Inglorious II
174 Love Me Hate Me Kissin Dynamite Generation Goodbye - Dynamite Nights
175 Independent Maxxwell XX (EP)
176 Try (And You Know Why) The New Roses Dead Man's Voice
177 Free (Radio Edit) Powerman 5000 Transform
178 Stone Believer The Quill Born From Fire
179 Up! Rebellious Spirit New Horizons
180 Train Song Rex Brown Smoke On This...
181 She's The Woman Van Halen A Different Kind Of Truth
182 Party On The Moon All To Get Her Red Carpet [EP]
183 Dweller In A Dream Avantasia The Mystery Of Time
184 Working Hard For Your Money Jetbone Magical Ride
185 Turn Up The Good Times King Kobra King Kobra
186 What's It Gonna Take Mötley Crüe Saints Of Los Angeles
187 Feed The Machine Nickelback Feed The Machine
188 Beat To Death Like A Dog Rhino Bucket Get Used To It
189 Can't Stand The Heartache Skid Row Skid Row
190 Bloodsucker The Treatment Generation Me
191 Perfect Enemy AncarA Garden Of Chains
192 I Gotta Rock Danko Jones Wild Cat
193 Shake & Tumble Firehouse Firehouse
194 All For One Maverick Big Red
195 The Sharpest Lives My Chemical Romance The Black Parade
196 The Serpent's Kiss Symphony X Paradise Lost
197 Beyond The Burning Skies Battle Beast Bringer Of Pain
198 The Game Billion Dollar Babies The Game (EP)
199 Ruin Black Map In Droves
200 After The Heartache Darkhaus When Sparks Ignite

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