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Playlist der Sendung «Taktlos Rock mit ROCKSTATION» vom 8. April 2017
Vodoo Subway To Sally Bastard
Patriot Games Tristania Year Of The Rat (Single)
Argt (Alan) Wodscream Octastorium
An Dro Wodscream Octastorium
Hui (Call) Wodscream Octastorium
Auf Alte Tage Toxpack Schall & Rausch
Bis Zum Letzten Ton Toxpack Schall & Rausch
Hypocrite Clawfinger Hate Yourself With Style
The End (Easier Than Love) AncarA Garden Of Chains
Wake Up AncarA Garden Of Chains
Perfect Enemy AncarA Garden Of Chains
The Scar Is The Pay Off Thiago Bianchi Arena
Trust Me Thiago Bianchi Arena
Woman In Chains Thiago Bianchi Arena
Crawling In The Dark Hoobastank Hoobastank
Freedom Fighter Creed Weathered
Now Or Never Invidia As The Sun Sleeps
Feed The Fire Invidia As The Sun Sleeps
Smell The Kill Invidia As The Sun Sleeps
Till Death Invidia As The Sun Sleeps
Truth In The Sky Invidia As The Sun Sleeps
Tequila Suicide Sinner Tequila Suicide
Battle Hill Sinner Tequila Suicide
Why Sinner Tequila Suicide
Boys In Trouble Sinner No More Alibis
Comin' Out Fighting Sinner Touch Of Sin 2
Dying On A Broken Heart Sinner Tequila Suicide

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