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Playlist der Sendung «Rock Lounge» vom 19. Juni 2019
Against The Grain Diviner Realms Of Time
The Earth, The Moon, The Sun Diviner Realms Of Time
Rides The Wind To Immortality Helker Metamorphosis
Running On And On Helker Metamorphosis
Viper King Dream Theater Distance Over Time
Meant For Trouble Pretty Wild Interstate 13
Let's Get It Out Pretty Wild Interstate 13
Wild And Free Pretty Wild Interstate 13
Up The Dose Warrior Soul Rock'n'Roll Disease
Rock On Warrior Soul Rock'n'Roll Disease
Shadow On Your Wall Pipes And Pins The Second Chapter

Playlist der Sendung «Rock Lounge» vom 5. Juni 2019
Sleepwalker Stormhammer Seven Seals
Seven Seals Stormhammer Seven Seals
No Doubt About It D-A-D A Prayer For The Loud
Burning Star D-A-D A Prayer For The Loud
The Wild And The Young Axel Rudi Pell Knights Call
Revolution Glowing Shelter Odyssey
Understand Glowing Shelter Odyssey
Home Glowing Shelter Odyssey
HyperMania Soto Origami
AfterGlow Soto Origami
B.A.N.A.N.A.S. Siamese Super Human
Ocean Bed Siamese Super Human

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